Saturday, August 28, 2010

One year ago today...

One year ago today, you left us here on Earth to be reunited with the love of your life, and with Jesus. We miss you dearly Grandpa. We love you.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Too Long

The kids at Easter

Helping Daddy build the fence

Seth fell asleep on Daddy's lap while Daddy was on the computer!

Seth found this skateboard at a garage sale and decided to "skelton" it down the guy's driveway. He thought it was hilarious and asked to take a picture. The Police helmet "makes" the picture! Our own future gold medalist!

Playing on the slip and slide

Terry's incision (about 4 days after surgery)

My family!

I know it's been a really long time since I've updated this thing and I apologize. I've been busy! I finished up my last CGA course (which was a doozy by the way) at the beginning of June and I've been enjoying the time not having to study! I find out whether I passed or not at the end of July. After that, I have 2 University courses that I have to finish up next year as well as an internship which i can do at work, then, after 10 LLLOOONNNGGG years of correspondence courses, I'll be a CGA! It is our 10 year anniversary in September, and we've never been anywhere, so we are treating ourselves to a warm vacation once my last exam is done in March!

The kids are growing up too fast! Breana just finished Grade 1. GRADE 1! She absolutely loves school and was very upset to be done. She misses her friends, but we make sure that she has lots of play dates with them. She is ahead of the game in the majority of the academic areas. She's a great reader (already reading chapter books), loves math and is a grade ahead of where she is supposed to be for spelling.

Seth is your typical 3-year old boy. Strong-willed, stubborn, defiant, mischeiveous, devilish...I could go on an on! He sure likes to test the boundaries that boy! I'm pretty sure he's going to give us a good run for our money when he gets older. I'm not sure I deserve that (I was the good kid) but apparently Terry does! Thanks honey!!!

Terry is doing well. He had surgery about a week ago on his elbow to move his ulner nerve. His hand was going numb and he has lost muscle in his hand so they hope this will help.

Hopefully I will update more often, but I am not going to guarantee anything!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It can happen to anyone!!!

This is my boss's truck. He ended up in the ICU for a week, then being released. Needless to say, he got off really lucky and was fortunate to be driving an F350 four-door truck, otherwise he probably wouldn't have been around to celebrate his daughter's 7th birthday that was happening 2 days after the accident.

Please heed his warning as posted on our dealership's intranet!

"All in all, I came out of the accident relatively unharmed with only 9 broken ribs, some stitches and bruising. Could have been a lot worse!

Please learn from my stupidity! It can happen so quickly. You would never think that by checking a text message or reading an email you could become so distracted that you loose attention to a grain truck slowing down on the Trans Canada highway. BUT that is exactly what happened. When I looked up the truck was six feet in front of me almost at a dead stop turning onto a gravel road. I don’t think I had time to step on the brake releasing the cruise.

Modern technology is wonderful to keep us all instantly ‘up-to-speed’ but please leave your cell phone in its case until your next stop. Please use wireless devices if you are going to talk while driving. As I’ve learned you can only respond to the message if you are alive!


Please keep your cell phones away from you when you are driving. Please stop to talk if you have to, and that e-mail/text will still be on your phone when you get to your destination. Like he said, you can only respond to the message if you are alive.

Drive safe!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Sad Day

May Grandpa rest in peace. We will miss you and we love you, but we know you've been reunited with Grandma, whom you've missed for over 2 1/2 years. We'll see you again one day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life is Hectic!

Life has been hectic these past few months, with school being done, Terry's grandpa's estate sale, Dad in the hospital, an exam! Here are a few pictures from the past few months.

One of the hats Seth found at Terry's grandpa's house

Me cutting Seth's hair for the first time

Me and Breana on the bus on her last day of school. We went to the Riverbank Discovery Center.

Seth helping Daddy build the new fence

Breana's ball team after the last game in the tournament

Breana and her teacher, Mrs.Kitt on her last day of school

Breana holding hands with Mrs.Kitt and Maya at the Riverbank Discovery Center

Terry taking out our old fence

Seth waving to Grandma as he went past. The little plastic car was being pulled being the quad by Terry.

Breana's turn!

Seth wearing his underwear...on his head!

Seth eating his cupcake I decorated for him on his birthday

Another hat that was found at Gret-Grandpa's - and Seth "driving" the lawnmower.

Another hat! He loved those hats!

Breana running from 3rd to home in her first ball game.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March so far

I know that it has been FOREVER since I blogged. I've been really busy lately. I'll put them in posts according to the month!

At work, the project that I have been working on since my return from maternity leave, was implemented at the end of January. This project was re-doing the entire general ledger for all 13 stores so that they were consistent. A little background, which might be full of accounting jargon! Sorry! Before, as new stores were added, different GL's were created, making changes from the time before. This meant that none of the account numbers were the same, making consolidation very difficult. At the end, it was a matter of inputting numbers into a spreadsheet to get a consolidated financial statement, which was a very tedious, time consuming project every month. Especially for 13 stores! The implementation of the new GL went quite smoothly, surprisingly enough! A few minor things came up, but they only took a few mintues to a couple of hours to fix. Success!

Now that that project is completed, I will be taking on the books of one of the stores. Not sure which one, but that will be decided shortly.

Also, I just wrote my 18th exam for my CGA. It was actually a university course through Laurentian University. I am now starting my Auditing course. Once I'm done that (I'm taking the summer off), I only have 2 more CGA courses and 3 more University courses, AND I'M DONE!!! Hopefully only 2 more years and I'll be done this long, LONG, LLOONNGG journey that I decided to start in 2001!

We've also been really busy with birthday parties since the end of January. We ended up having. We were invited to 9 birthday parties in 8 weeks. 2 of those were Breana's parties, and we didn't make it to another one, but wow! I think all the girls in Breana's class all have their birthdays within 2 months of each other! That gets very tiring!

We signed Breana up to play baseball this spring. She said she would "try" it, but she was adamant that she didn't want to play soccer. I'm not sure what she has against soccer, but oh well! I'm not going to force her!

In the next couple of weeks, we are heading to Winnipeg with my mom for some retail therapy. Breana doesn't have school this Thursday and Friday due to parent/teacher interviews, so we are taking the opportunity to get a away for a couple of days. The only thing that would make it better would be if Terry would have been able to join us. Oh well, the first half of spring break, we are heading down to Minot to visit one of Terry's high school friends. We are going down with Scot, Kim, Declan, Cordelia, Dmitri, and Trevor, Lorry, and Hayden, so it should be a good time with great friends!

Here are some pictures from our hot dog roast at Oak Lake. A good time was had by all!

February 2009

We can't believe it, but Breana turned 6 in February. It seems like yesterday I was on bedrest waiting to have her! Time sure does fly!
Here are some pictures from Breana's family birthday party.

We went tobagganing the day of Breana's family birthday party. Here is Gary getting some air off of the jump at the little hill.

Here is the group of us that went tobagganing. Back row left to right: Uncle Abe, Auntie Kim, Uncle Gary, Preston, Auntie Angie, Daddy (Terry), Mommy (Becky). On the GT: Tyler, Seth. Standing: Mason. Front: Breana, Samantha, Andrea. Picture Taker: Auntie Denise

Here's one of Auntie Denise because she wasn't in the group picture!

Preston and Seth had a blast going down together. They had so much fun that day!

A cute one of Preston and Auntie Angie!

Breana had her school friends birthday party on the 21st. We had 7 screaming 6 year olds! Needless to say, Terry wore earplugs the entire time (3 hours is TOO long for a birthday party - won't do that again!)

Here are some of the girls dressing up using the tissue paper from the gifts.

Breana opening gifts.

Playing games.

Decorating cupcakes. They had a blast.

Here's Daddy!

Seth wearing Daddy's sweater.


Seth got some cute Emu's for Christmas. Here he is modelling them. He really likes them.

Seth was cranky one day and so sat on the couch watching a show with thim. It took him all of 2 minutes to fall asleep like this!

January 2009

Seth had a tantrum and didn't want to eat supper one night so he was put in a time out. When he gets upset, he wants his blankets and puppies...and I mean ALL of them. He wanted to have supper, but didn't want to let his stuff go, so he ate his supper on top of his blankets and puppies!

This is Seth's favorite position while watching TV in our bedroom. He always has to have the pillow to lie on!

We got into Breana's piggy bank one night to roll all the change. She was having a blast learning what all the coins were and how much they were worth.

Seth being cheesy while in the laundry hamper.

This is Seth's first time on the potty! He was so excited that he actually peed! He's gone a bunch more since then, but nothing consistent. Whenever you ask him if he needs to go, he goes and tries. It's so cute to see him try SO hard and only get a few dribbles! But hey, its a start. Maybe this will be one thing that he's early with!

We went tobagganing one Sunday afternoon while at Mom and Dad's. The kids had a blast. We also had a wiener roast. It was a nice afternoon. Here is Breana going down the hill.

Here is Seth and Papa getting ready to go. The calf sled is the best tobaggan of them all!

Seth found Daddy's helmet one day so he had fun trying it on and being silly.

Terry bought these PJ's for Seth for Christmas. They are Yamaha PJ's and they have the cutest butt ever!